IBM Maximo EAM Quiz 6 – Resources Module

Following questions are related to Resources Module of IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management. They may help in preparation of certification test number 000-015 i.e. IBM Maximo Enterprise Management v7.1 Implementation.

Choose one of the following options and leave your answers in a comment below:

  1. To use Assignment Manager to schedule work, labor record should either have a calender or a shift defined.
    • A – True
    • B – False
  2. If status of a labor record is changed to Inactive, the associated Person record becomes Inactive automatically.
    • A – True
    • B – False
  3. A calender may have one or more shifts.
    • A – True
    • B – False
  4. Calender and shift can be specified on Asset records
    • A – True
    • B – False
  5. Choose the correct one:
    • A – A certificate is mandatory for a Qualification
    • B – A certificate is optional for a Qualification
  6. When a person availability doesn’t match the calender for a specific:
    • A – A separate calender should be created for that person
    • B – Modify Person Availability action should be used from Person application
    • C – Modify Person Availability action should be used from Labor application
  7. Premium Pay Codes can be defined as a
    • A – Multiplier
    • B – Increment
    • C – Hourly rate
    • D – Hourly rate or Multiplier
    • E – All of the above

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