IBM Tivoli Process Automation Engine Quiz 1 – Installation

Following questions are related to Installation of Tivoli Process Automation Engine and it’s components. They are prepared to assist in studying for certification test number 000-017 i.e. Foundations of Tivoli Process Automation Engine.

Choose one of the following options and leave your answers in a comment below:

  1. Two product that have Tivoli Process Automation Engine as their foundation cannot be installed on the same machine.
    • A – True
    • B – False
  2. The different components of the middle ware are:
    • A – Database, Application Server, HTTP Server, Directory Server
    • B – Database, Application Server, Directory Server
    • C – Database, Application Server, HTTP Server
    • D – Database, Application Server, HTTP Server, Directory Server, Administrative System
  3. Custom deployment requires the ISM installation to be spread across multiple systems.
    • A – True
    • B – False
  4. Which of the following is true
    • A – Work Plan can be created through a Job Plan
    • B – Job Plan can be created through a Work Plan
    • C – Both of the above
  5. To install middle ware on multiple machines, middle ware installer can be executed from a single machine which will configure all systems.
    • A – True
    • B – False
  6. The middle ware installer records the installation options in directory referred as workspace. Workspace consists of:
    • A – setting.xml file
    • B – Log files
    • C – Deployment and Logs
    • D – Deployment Plan, Topology and Log files
  7. WebSphere Application Server must be installed before directory server so that you can secure it with directory server.
    • A – True
    • B – False
  8. The database connection parameters for Tivoli Process Automation Engine is stored in which of the following configuration file.
    • A –
    • B – config.xml
    • C –
    • D –
  9. A JMS messaging engine must be configured with a persistent data store in order to ensure that any data sent to the Tivoli process automation engine’s Integration Framework for retrieval of financial data into the Tivoli process automation engine can survive restarts and failures.
    • A – True
    • B – False

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