Git (Source Version Control) Tutorial from CodeSchool

Recently I started using Git and Github for one of my hobby projects. To get up to speed I went through a few tutorials. I particularly liked the one at It is an all-in-browser interactive tutorial. You just launch the tutorial link and you get command prompt, file system and connection to github all simulated inside a browser window.

Level: Very Basic
Duration: 15 minutes


Tutorial is also available from CodeSchool.


Some Good Ruby Tutorials

I have done most of my web development work in ASP.Net or Java. I have been thinking about learning one of other web development languages, particularly the new ones which are famous for their expressiveness. Finally I have started with Ruby. I found some very good interactive tutorials:

Level: Beginner
Duration: 30 minutes

Discover Ruby idioms, learn lessons and solve problems, all in your browser!

Level: Intermediate
Duration: 2 hours