IBM Tivoli Asset Management for IT, Asset Reconciliation

Following questions are related to Asset Reconciliation module of ‘IBM Tivoli Asset Management for IT’. They may help in preparation of certification test number 000-035 i.e. IBM Tivoli Asset Management for IT V7.2.1 Implementation.

Choose one of the following options and leave your answers in a comment below:

  1. Tivoli Integration composer is an IT asset discovery tool.
    • A – True
    • B – False
  2. Assets discovered through a discovery tool, like Microsoft SMS, are stored in:
    • A – Assets application
    • B – Deployed Assets
    • C – Software Catalog and Assets
  3. Which of the following are mandatory for creating Reconciliation Tasks: (select two)
    • A – Type of Reconciliation
    • B – Link Rules
    • C – Task Filter
    • D – Comparison Rules
  4. Asset Link Results application lists all successfully matches between deployed and authorized assets.
    • A – True
    • B – False
  5. Asset Reconciliation Results lists all unlinked assets and also the results of comparison rules.
    • A – True
    • B – False

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