Mind Mate: Taking Notes with rich text support

(for background on Mind Mate, click here)

Today, I released a new version (0.4) of Mind Mate on GitHub. The chief improvement is the rich text editing capabilities for notes as demonstrated below.

When the focus is inside Note Editor, the ribbon switches to following Contextual tab.

If the cursor is inside a table, ‘Table Tools’ contextual tab becomes available.

So, following are now supported in Note editor:

  • Bold, Italic, Underline and Strikethrough
  • Subscript and Superscript
  • Text Color and Highlight
  • Font Family and Size
  • Bullets and Numbered Lists
  • Text Alignment and Indent / Outdent
  • Headings
  • Clear Formatting
  • Insert Table
  • Table Tools
    • Insert Row (above, below)
    • Insert Column (left, right)
    • Delete Row, Column or Table
    • Move Row (up, down)
    • Move Column (left, right)

BusinessObjects Universe Design Tool: Each calculated column must have an explicit name

In SAP BusinessObjects Universe Design Tool, you might get the following error – “Each calculated column must have an explicit name”.

Each though the query runs fine in the underlying database, but Universe Design Tool doesn’t accept it. The reason is it expects ‘AS’ keyword between the calculated column and it’s alias. So that query should be re-written as:

select to_char(statusdate, 'DD-MMM-YYYY') as datetext 
from person