Completed ‘Human Computer Interaction’ from Coursera

Completed ‘Human-Computer Interaction’ course offered by Scott Klemmer, Associate Professor of Computer Science, Stanford University. This course was offered through

The course started on 28th May and the duration was 5 weeks. It explored the design techniques and processes that help you build interfaces and technologies that bring people joy rather than frustration. Some of the contents I found similar to Mircosoft Silverlight learning site – Design toolbox. Overall it was a very good introduction to the way interfaces should be designed.


Completed ‘Machine Learning’ from Coursera

Completed ‘Machine Learning’ course offered by Andrew Ng, Associate Professor of Computer Science, Stanford University. This course was offered through

The course started on 23rd April and the duration was 10 weeks. It was an exhilarating opportunity to learn about this cutting edge field. The distinctive feature of the course was weekly programming assignments in Octave which were automatically evaluated by Also the course was very well organized, we can expect that as it was offered by the co-founder of Coursera.


Git (Source Version Control) Tutorial from CodeSchool

Recently I started using Git and Github for one of my hobby projects. To get up to speed I went through a few tutorials. I particularly liked the one at It is an all-in-browser interactive tutorial. You just launch the tutorial link and you get command prompt, file system and connection to github all simulated inside a browser window.

Level: Very Basic
Duration: 15 minutes


Tutorial is also available from CodeSchool.


Some Good Ruby Tutorials

I have done most of my web development work in ASP.Net or Java. I have been thinking about learning one of other web development languages, particularly the new ones which are famous for their expressiveness. Finally I have started with Ruby. I found some very good interactive tutorials:

Level: Beginner
Duration: 30 minutes

Discover Ruby idioms, learn lessons and solve problems, all in your browser!

Level: Intermediate
Duration: 2 hours

Completed ‘CS101 (Introduction to Computing Principles)’ from Coursera

Completed the ‘CS101 (Introduction to Computing Principles)’ course offered by Nick Parlante, Lecturer in Computer Science, Stanford University. The course was offered online through

The course started on 23rd April 2012 and went on for 6 weeks. It was a introductory course and meant for people from non-IT background. Despite having two degrees in Computers, I still went for it to explore the Coursera platform. I found it to be such a fun platform to learn, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Free online courses from Top Universities

A revolution is underway in higher education. Top universities are offering their courses online for free through initiatives like:

Coursera – Launched by two Standard University professors: Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng
Udacity – Co-founded by Google Executive and Standard professor Sebastian Thrun
edX – Joint venture by MIT and Harvard

We already have a lot of video lectures from top universities on YouTube and iTunes. But these new initiatives are different, they are a game changer. They are able to create a virtual classroom environment which is attracting thousand of people from all over the world.

First the course starts at a particular time and you have to enroll for it. That means a lot of students take the course at the same time and they are able to discuss and help each other through forums.

Secondly rather than hour long video lectures, each video is about 10 minutes long covering one concept at a time. This really suits the online self-paced learning model.

Students are required to submit review questions and assignment each week. This gives a sense of progress and acheivement which is vital to keep you going back to the virtual classroom every week. Statement of Accomplishment of issued at the end if you get the passing score.

I have enrolled in some of the courses from Coursera and having a wonderful time 🙂