Completed ‘Software Engineering for SaaS’ from Coursera

Completed ‘Software Engineering for SaaS’ course offered by Dave Patterson and Armando Fox, Professors at University of California, Berkeley. This course was offered through

The course started on 13th July and the duration was 5 weeks. Course taught the best practices for developing software as a service. It included weekly coding assignments where a SaaS application was developed using the following technologies:

Server Side: Ruby on Rails (Model: ActiveRecord, MVC View: Haml)
Client Side: HTML, CSS and AJAX
Cloud: Heroku
Software Methodology: Agile
Behavior Driven Development tool: Cucumber, Capybara
Test Driven Development tool: RSpec

Some Good Ruby Tutorials

I have done most of my web development work in ASP.Net or Java. I have been thinking about learning one of other web development languages, particularly the new ones which are famous for their expressiveness. Finally I have started with Ruby. I found some very good interactive tutorials:

Level: Beginner
Duration: 30 minutes

Discover Ruby idioms, learn lessons and solve problems, all in your browser!

Level: Intermediate
Duration: 2 hours