Passed Microsoft Exam 70-480: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3

There is huge interest in HTML 5 among the web development community these days. Once again there is hope that we can ‘write once, and run anywhere’ with the latest version of HTML. The ability to run your code anywhere is very significant considering the plethora of devices (from smart phone to TVs) that we use to access internet these days. HTML 5 is supposed to eliminate the need for browser plugins and to cut into the share of native applications.

I haven’t got to use HTML 5 yet in any of the projects but I have been closely following the development in this regard. Today I took the Microsoft exam for HTML 5 after going through couple of resources for preparation.

I enjoyed the format of the exam as it require you to complete code snippets, drag and drop code lines etc. in addition to the usual multiple choice questions.