Syed Umar Anis.NetRepMonitor: Oracle Replication Error Monitoring Tool
Syed Umar Anis.NetRepMonitor: Oracle Replication Error Monitoring Tool
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RepMonitor: Oracle Replication Error Monitoring Tool

I had an assignment to rectify the Oracle data replication implementation between multiple Oracle databases connected over a wide area network. The replication was throwing a large number of errors and I needed an efficient tool to monitor the replication process. The standard tool provided by Oracle had certain limitations so I decided to quickly write something which could fill in the gaps. That’s how I got into writing RepMonitor which I am sharing here.

RepMonitor is capable of doing the following:
1- list replication errors
2- analyze them by comparing original and current data values at different sites
3- Re-execute replication transaction
4- Remove replication transaction from pipeline
5- Generate reports and serialize replication transaction data

Following are the tasks which can be done more efficiently in RepMonitor than Replication Management Tool that comes with Oracle Enterprise Manager:
1- Search and filter transaction errors by date and other criterias.
2- Load data on-demand only to provide better performance.
2- Generate transaction error reports.
3- Save/Serialize selected transactions and all related info in xml format.

Just to briefly elaborate on point # 2 i.e. loading data on-demand. Oracle Enterprise Manager loads all the transaction error data at start up so if you have a large number of errors, it would take ages to load. Similarly any refresh reloads everything. RepMonitor overcomes these problems by loading data on-demand.

If you want to know more about Oracle Advanced Replication, go to Here is an introductory whitepaper from Oracle.

RepMonitor is developed using Visual Studio 2005 and programming language is C#.Net. The source code can be downloaded from here.

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