Syed Umar AnisTAMITIBM Tivoli Asset Management for IT, IT Assets Module
Syed Umar AnisTAMITIBM Tivoli Asset Management for IT, IT Assets Module

Following questions are related to ‘IBM Tivoli Asset Management for IT’. Questions cover the additional functionality of TAMIT in comparison to Maximo EAM in following applications: IT Asset, Licenses, Deployed Assets, Software Contracts and Software Catalog. They may help in preparation of certification test number 000-035 i.e. IBM Tivoli Asset Management for IT V7.2.1 Implementation.

Choose one of the following options and leave your answers in a comment below:

  1. Deployed assets applications list the authorized computers, printers, network devices and deployed software in an organization.
    • A – True
    • B – False
  2. If a software, let say Micrsoft Office, is deployed on 10 computers in an organizations, how many times it will be listed in ‘Deployed Software’ application:
    • A – 1
    • B – 10
  3. On purchase of a new printers, a record should be created in ‘Network Printers’ application in ‘Deployed Assets’ module by using new record operation.
    • A – True
    • B – False
  4. It is mandatory to create a release PO in order to make payment against a software contracts.
    • A – True
    • B – False
  5. Variant names of a software can be defined in which of the following application.
    • A – Deployed Software
    • B – Software Suite Setup
    • C – Software Catalog
    • D – Software Licenses
  6. Components of a software suite can be defined in:
    • A – Software Suite Setup application
    • B – Software Catalog application
    • C – Deployed Software application
  7. An organization has purchased 10 licenses for a particular software. Which application maintains the available and allocated capacity for the software?
    • A – Software Capacity
    • B – Software Catalog
    • C – Licenses
    • D – Software Contract
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