Syed Umar AnisMind MapFree and Open Source Mind Mapping tools
Syed Umar AnisMind MapFree and Open Source Mind Mapping tools
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Free and Open Source Mind Mapping tools

There are a lot of free and open source mind mapping tools available on the internet. In terms of functionality, some free ones come very close to what is being offered by commercial vendors. My personal favorites are FreeMind and XMind. FreeMind is the best in performance and usability, with less focus on making the software look pretty. The support for images is a bit primitive in FreeMind. On the other hand, XMind has a more modern UI and has a better support for working with images.

Both FreeMind and XMind are desktop-based. If you want something web-based which is accessible from tablets, there are sites offering that too.

Key features of these tools are summarized in the table below.

Tool Open Source / Free Platform Supported Clients Images Support Keyboard Support Rich Text Support
FreeMind Open Source Java Desktop Limited
(hyperlink only)
Excellent Yes
XMind Open Source Java Desktop Yes Good Yes
Freeplane Open Source Java Desktop Limited Excellent Yes
WiseMapping Open Source SaaS, Java, Spring Web No Good (Similar to FreeMind) No Limited free version (3 maps only) SaaS Web No Below Average No
MindMeister Limited free version (3 maps only) Web, SaaS Web, iOS, Android Limited Excellent (Similar to FreeMind) Supports in Notes window but not inside maps.
Blumind Free .Net Windows No Good No
mind42 Free SaaS Web Limited Ok No
spiderscribe Limited free version (3 maps only) SaaS Web Limited Below Average No
Mindomo Limited free version (3 maps only) SaaS Web Good (Doesn’t support pasting) Excellent Limited
MindMup Open Source SaaS Web Limited Very Good Limited

Table continued with more details:

Tool Scrolling Interface Collaboration Drawing Technology Comments
FreeMind Very seamless Simple and efficient Yes Java
XMind Good Advanced No Java
Freeplane Very seamless Simple and efficient No Java Swing It is a fork of FreeMind
WiseMapping Good (map doesn’t scroll while navigating through keyboard) Simple and Slick Yes SVG Good Clean and Simple No Flash
MindMeister Very seamless Pleasing and Slick Yes (User can chat also) SVG for links and shapes. DIVs for nodes Has unique features like ‘History View’, ‘Create Slide Show’
Blumind Good (Canvas is not drag-able) Clean and Simple No .Net
mind42 Very seamless Easy to use Yes dojo js library
spiderscribe OK OK Yes Flash Doesn’t auto-format node’s position and link
Mindomo Very Seamless Robust and Slick Yes Flash Interaction with clipboard works as opposed to other HTML based products
MindMup Very Seamless Simple and Slick Yes HTML Canvas Doesn’t support icons on nodes.

Screen Shots and Some Comments



It is the best tool for heavy users. Can support very large maps. Also has advanced features like attributes, map filtering, task, reminders, scripting etc.

It has an excellent keyboard support where all the functionality is available with convenient shortcuts. Folding and unfolding with space bar is particularly handy.

Scrolling is very seamless as the canvas is drag-able using mouse. On using keyboard, the map auto-scrolls as we navigate through the nodes.




XMind has a more polished interface and better support for images than FreeMind. But lags in performance and ease of use.

Some of the interesting features of XMind are:

  • ability to represent Mind Maps in various different forms like Fish Bone diagram, Spread Sheet, Organogram etc..
  • drill down feature where any node can be viewed as main starting node, hiding away the rest of the map. This is very helpful in working with larger maps.
  • paid version has additional features like tasks, Gantt chart etc.





MindMeister has a few unique features like the ability to conveniently create slideshows. Another more interesting one is the rewind and playback feature which shows how mind map grew or changed over time. This feature is called History View.


MindMeister’s Rich Text Editor:



























Other Map Mapping Tools



I tried evaluating RecallPlus on Windows 7 but it crashed a lot, not allowing me to create any maps. According to their website, it works on Windows XP and earlier versions.

The focus of RecallPlus is to assist student in learning by using techniques like flashcards.

It is a commercial software with feature limited free version.

VYM (View My Mind)

VYM is only supported on Linux platform (

Basic cloud based tool with limited usability (


Commercial Mind Mapping Tools

Following are top commercial tools which are not covered in the above section:

  1. MindManager (
  2. iMapMind (
  3. TheBrain (
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