Maximo Anywhere: Monitor Network Traffic using mitmproxy

Maximo Anywhere: Monitor Network Traffic using mitmproxy

The usual way of debugging (including network tracing) the Maximo Anywhere application is to use Chrome Devtools. In some cases, it may not work, for instance, network monitoring is not available with remote device debugging on versions 763 and prior. Another scenario might be where the device could not be connected to a personal computer as you want to evaluate the performance out in the field. For such a scenario, we can use a proxy server to trace Anywhere network activity.

Here is how to set up mitmproxy to monitor network calls.

1- Download and Install mitmproxy on your Windows or Linux machine.

2- Start mitmproxy. There are two user interfaces: Use mitmproxy.exe for Command-Line and mitmweb.exe for Web.

By default, mitmproxy listens on port 8080.

3- On the Android device (or emulator), change the network proxy settings to connect to mitmproxy.

Go to Settings -> Network & Internet -> Wifi, then click on the connected Wifi.

Next, click the ‘Edit’ button at the top.

Change the Proxy value from None to Manual and enter your machine IP address (where mitmproxy is installed) and the port for the proxy (default is 8080).

That’s all. Start using the Anywhere application and you should see the network trace in mitmproxy.

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