Customise terminal prompt on Mac OS using Starship

Customise terminal prompt on Mac OS using Starship

Starship works across shells, so the customised prompt will apply across applications like Warp, Visual Studio Code and builtin Terminal app.

1. Install Fira Code Nerd Font code

Fira Code Nerd Font enables us to show symbols in the prompt. It is also highly recommended for programming.

Download link:

2. Change the font to ‘Fira Code Nerd Font’ in your terminal applications

For Mac Terminal app, go to settings and change the font in the default profile. Similarly, you have do it for other applications like Warp and VSCode.

3. Install Starship

Starship is a customisable prompt which can be used with any shell.

If you have Homebrew, run the following to install:

brew install starship

For other installation options, see Starship website.

4. Configure the prompt

Create the config file:

mkdir -p ~/.config && touch ~/.config/starship.toml

Choose one of the presents from here to get started. I like the Nerd Font Symbols.

Apply the desired preset:

starship preset nerd-font-symbols > ~/.config/starship.toml

We are done!

Here is how it looks on VSCode.

Here is the Terminal app.

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