Syed Umar AnisWebReleased svelte-lexical 0.3.5: Upgrade to Svelte 4
Syed Umar AnisWebReleased svelte-lexical 0.3.5: Upgrade to Svelte 4

Released svelte-lexical 0.3.5: Upgrade to Svelte 4

The new release is out for svelte-lexical! The biggest change is the upgrade to Svelte 4 which could potentially be breaking but most likely won’t impact Svelte 3 users (as mentioned by the Svelte team). There are also enhancements and bug fixes for the hyperlink editor. Here are the full release notes:

  • breaking change: upgrade to Svelte 4
  • feat: new logo for svelte-lexical
  • feat: added trash button to floatingLinkEditor plugin to remove the link
  • feat: Add a title to the link node to support titles in markdown
  • feat: Allow excluding specific properties from collab syncing via plugin
  • feat: View DOM HTML in Debug Tree View
  • feat: Add keyboard shortcut for adding hyperlinks
  • bug: misaligned drop-down menus for Sveltekit project #56
  • bug: fix the unresponsive resize handle in Safari
  • bug: Editing a link and changing selection shows the wrong link value
  • bug: toggle link using keyboard shortcut doesn’t clear the link
  • bug: insert link through the toolbar or shortcut doesn’t open the floating editor in edit mode
  • test: lot of new tests and updates to existing tests
  • perf: size limit for library

Some of the hyperlink editor bugs were coming from the facebook/lexical package and I have contributed the fixes to the facebook/lexical package as well.

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