Syed Umar AnisSvelte-LexicalReleased Svelte-Lexical 0.4.0
Syed Umar AnisSvelte-LexicalReleased Svelte-Lexical 0.4.0

Released Svelte-Lexical 0.4.0

Release 0.4.0 brings support for SvelteKit 2 and Vite 5. it has been a long time coming. Every time we tried the upgrade it got stuck because of the CJS and ESM module compatibility issues. Module resolution has been a bit of a mess in the JavaScript ecosystem. Hopefully, we are over it with most packages upgrading to ESM. Here are the packages that blocked this upgrade in the past: Lexical, Prettier, Prettier attribute sort plugin and changes in module resolution with Vite and NodeJs versions. Thanks to the maintainers who undertook the task of supporting ESM builds for these modules and in particular to Bob Ippolito for lexical ESM build. Finally, all the pieces have fallen into place and we have all dependencies supporting ESM.

Here are the release notes:

Breaking Changes

  • breaking: upgrade to SvelteKit 2
  • breaking: upgrade to Vite 5
  • breaking: port svelte-lexical package from rollup to vite

New Features

  • feat: upgrade to lexical 0.14.2 from 0.11.2
  • feat: Font Size entry control
  • feat: Floating link editor for AutoLinkNode and conversion to LinkNode once modified
  • fest: Meta + Click opens a link in a new window
  • feat: right click select images
  • feat: Support HTML export overrides from config for nested editors
  • feat: allow overriding HTML serialization behaviour from the editor config
  • feat: add nodes replacement support for nested composer

Build and Test

  • build: upgrade to prettier 3 (supports ESM)
  • build: setup prettier for playground package
  • build: upgrade node version to 18 in CI
  • build: remove dependency on @lexical/text as ESM build not working
  • build: missing exports condition warning
  • build: fix eslint warning post upgrade
  • test: fix failing tests after the upgrade
  • test: move from jest to Vitest
  • perf: increase the size limit on the playground from 162kb to 170kb
  • perf: move to native UUID

Bug Fixes

  • bug: allow setting className for checklist in theme
  • bug: Edit Link modal fix when a link and extra text are selected
  • bug: Make autolinks work for formatted text
  • bug: link address is not shown if a comment is set
  • bug: floating formatter toolbar position
  • bug: dispatching undo & redo states for collaboration
  • bug: divider not showing in dropdown
  • bug: fix Double Deletion on Backspace
  • bug: prevent file:///img conversion
  • bug: image resizer fix
  • bug: add selection adjustments for node removal

Link to GitHub:

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