Some Good Ruby Tutorials

I have done most of my web development work in ASP.Net or Java. I have been thinking about learning one of other web development languages, particularly the new ones which are famous for their expressiveness. Finally I have started with Ruby. I found some very good interactive tutorials:

Level: Beginner
Duration: 30 minutes

Discover Ruby idioms, learn lessons and solve problems, all in your browser!

Level: Intermediate
Duration: 2 hours

ASP.Net Web Forms vs ASP.NET MVC

When microsoft released ASP.Net, it was thought that it would relieve the need to master HTML and related technologies for most use cases. It will bring the web development closer to windows forms development model with both having similar controls and tools. In ASP.Net forms, we would be able to drag a data grid, drop it on to a page and bind it to a data source, the same way we used to do for windows apps.

Initially I was excited about the idea. Coming from a windows development background, it made things simpler for me. As I did more work with ASP.Net, something didn’t look right. It was very easy to do things you do most of the time in the most common way. But if you want to do something little bit different, then the complexity of the platform made it ridiculously difficult. ASP.Net forms had some significant improvements over ASP but, in hindsight, I think the power and simplicity of HTML, CSS and JavaScript was underestimated.

With ASP.Net MVC, the focus is back on the key web technologies and it feels so much better.

For a detailed comparison between the two technologies, see:

For learning ASP.Net MVC, I would recommend the Pluralsight video tutorial at ASP.Net MVC website.

WordPress Plugin for embedding YouTube video

There are a lot of plugins out there for embedding YouTube video. I evaluated few of them, the one I found to be the best is Better YouTube Embeds.

This plugin automatically detects the capability of your browser and decides whether to use Flash or HTML5. This enables the video to run on mobile devices where Flash is not available. The plugin also presents the latest video player with options like viewing video in full screen.

IFRAME Embed For YouTube functions in the same way as Better YouTube Embeds with one downside. It puts a link to developer site below the video.

Other plugins like YouTube Embed and Youtuber are also very simple to use but they implement an older way of embedding video, that’s why, they present an older version of video player where options like viewing in full screen are missing.