Syed Umar AnisWebReleased svelte-lexical 0.3.1: Upload images
Syed Umar AnisWebReleased svelte-lexical 0.3.1: Upload images

It is a minor release including few bug fixes and minor enhancements. We have to ability to upload images now, earlier images could only be added using a URL.

Another enhancement is the ability to use collaboration in nested editors like image caption. Here is a demo:

Change Log:

  • feat: support collaboration in a nested editor (image caption)
  • feat: improved Model Dialog component (better look and feel, more configurable)
  • feat: make toolbar insert menu configurable (ability to choose commands)
  • feat: upgrade to lexical 0.7.7
  • feat: upload image
  • feat: add sample images in playground
  • perf: reduce bundle size if collaboration is not used for image caption editor
  • build: support css import in JavaScript and svelte files for rollup build
  • test: remove html comments and empty class attributes in comparing actual and expected
  • test: new tests for Copy Paste, Horizontal Rule and Images
  • bug: focus lost after inserting image through toolbar
  • bug: ssr (server-side rendering) error for sveltekit due to collaration.ts (fix #38)

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